Julianna Okeh on 7/2/16 – Her NDEs plus ET contact

Dates: 07/02/2016 Dates: 07/02/2016 Times: 13:30 - 16:00 Location: Om Center for Spiritual Living, 7232 University, La Mesa, CA 91942

Julienna darker 600Julliena Okah was born in Japan, studied music in Vienna via a scholarship, and is recognized as a world-class solo violin virtuoso. She has performed with the Vienna Radio Orchestra and the MGM Orchestra in Las Vegas, gracing the stage with such stars like Bob Hope and Dean Martin.

She headlined on international cruise lines for 20 years with her unique solo violin show and in concert halls around the world. She thanks Liberace, who helped to start her new career.

But long before her career launched, Julliena’s life has been filled with supernatural events since her childhood, after an alien encounter that happened in the 1950s. She recalls her nonhuman life that she had once. She remembers her past lives, including life before birth. She could see and hear spirits. At the age of 16, she experienced other dimensional worlds and also visited heaven and hell. These paranormal events led her along an unimaginable path.

Julliena Okah had three Near Death Experiences. The first one happened when she attempted suicide at the age of 17. It was a terrifying experience, passing aimlessly through gray, vacant space and visiting a hellish world. The other two were very different but all related to the otherworldly beings. She will share these terrifying and interesting experiences in great detail.

Also, the otherworldly power empowered her to become a painter without any prior interest nor training. This happened on September 1, 2001, at her home in Nice, France. Since then, Julliena Okah has had 40 exhibitions, including eight one-woman shows, receiving notable praise with numerous articles written about her. She will talk about her mysterious life with her music and paintings.

Spiritual awakening through her close encounters with near death and otherworldly experiences led Julliena to become a public speaker. Miss Okah is now devoting her life to convey her message that is how to exceed human realm and go to the higher vibrational worlds, path to heaven. Also let people to become aware of the otherworldly beings and their message.

Julliena Okah is the author of One Life, Many Worlds: My Journeys through the Heavens and Hells of Extraterrestrial Worlds and her book of original paintings, God’s Majesty in Color and Word. She is currently making contributions to Dr Penny Sartori, the world’s leading Near Death Experience speaker’s upcoming two books.

Miss Okah has traveled throughout the world and has lived in 14 countries. She studied various Indian creeds while living in India and studied Christianity in America.  She resided in New York City and Nice, France, for 20 years before moving to Southern California.

Her next speech is at Mufon in LA on July 20th.   Visit her website: www.julieokah.com



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