9/3/16 Marsalee Forrestar – Reintegrating My Life through NDEs, STEs, pre-birth Memories and Shamanism

Dates: 08/31/2016 Dates: 08/31/2016

Marsalee Forrestar,D.C. has studied multicultural shamanism for over 20 years. Between the time of an NDE in 1968 and her 50th birthday in 1994, Marsalee progressed through distinct phases of dismembering and re-membering her life. During her Shamanic training she experienced two more NDE’s and several STE’s. Now, she assists others in reclaiming missing pieces of their Soul so they may become more power filled (power full). She has assisted others in the tradition of Shamanism in the U.S. and Europe since 1995.

She discovered IANDS in San Diego, attending several meetings, speaking at a few, and attending a conference (volunteering in the “Healing Room” the entire time). As a result, she was helped to rekindle other memories, including those of her pre-birth and birth which has allowed her to integrate the stories of her life,

Come to our new location at  7951 University Avenue, La Mesa.  Our name will be in lights on the banner “Center for Spiritual Living,” and it’s easier to park and get to the new place! Plus, we have restaurants we can walk to.

Dinner will be at the Tamarind Thai Restaurant across the street –

 7970 University Ave, #310 La Mesa, CA 91941 (next to Supercuts)



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