October 1st: Medium Susanne Wilson’s Journey from Corporate to Carefree after Her NDE

Dates: 10/01/2016 Dates: 10/01/2016 Times: 13:03 - 16:00 Location: Om Center for Spiritual Living, 7951 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942

I will share what I experienced during my near death experience nine years ago. I became a frequent flier with out-of-body experiences.

Prior to my near death experience (NDE), I faced an identity crisis because I was nurturing my mediumistic abilities in secret while I climbed the corporate ladder. Being taken seriously was important to me. I was the founding administrative director for the Center for Leadership & Innovation at a Florida university, administrative manager at Stanford University School of Medicine, and a corporate human resources manager for a $5 billion company. Before my NDE, I did not want my “psychic hobby” to jeopardize the professional status that I had worked hard to achieve.

After the NDE, I began seeing dead people 24/7. I was forced to learn how to handle it, and eventually I embraced my gifts.

Susanne’s best-selling meditation CDs will be available for purchase, as well as a few books authored by her non-profit partner Roberta Grimes, who will share some information during the last half-hour about the new organization they have formed. Attorney Roberta will speak briefly about the greater reality of which this universe is just a tiny part, so people will have a better sense of where the dead are and where NDEs happen.  This will be followed by a book signing and CD sale.Format:  This is a presentation and discussion about the amazing and often transformational effects of having a near death experience. (Not a group reading, which she will have 10/8 in Carlsbad.)

(In case you want to let your IANDS members and friends know, in addition to your IANDS meeting, there are a limited number of opportunities to see me in Carlsbad.

By the time I speak to your group, these opportunities will likely be filled. They always are, and the SF IANDS group was disappointed for not having advance notice.  Here are the descriptions:Spirit Circle, Saturday, October 8, 2016:
Experience a modern-day seance with me! The Spirit Circle is a small group reading. Limited to less than 10 attendees, the Spirit Circle is a uniquely beautiful way to connect with the spirit. Information and Tickets: goo.gl/UIaVU2  The IANDS group has a 10% discount.Private Readings:
There are only a couple of appointments open. You must be able to travel to the Hilton Garden Inn at Carlsbad Beach. For more information, please call our office, Tel # 1.480.203.2336 or email Appt@CarefreeMedium.com.)

For those who tried to contact Marsalee Forrester, please use her personal cell phone, 760-458-5020.  Her email crashed and she lost your contact information.  Oh these Mercury retrogrades!

Note our new location 7951 University Avenue, La Mesa 91942.  Our name will be in lights on the banner “Center for Spiritual Living,” and it’s easier to park and get to the new place!  Details are described below.  It’s right in the corner of the shopping center.

No-Host Dinner Follows Meeting

All are welcome. It’s often a fun extension of the meeting where we meet at:
Tamarind Thai Restaurant across the street

7970 University Ave, #310 La Mesa, CA 91941 (next to Supercuts)

When ordering, be careful to choose how spicy (or not) to make the food on a scale of 1 to 10.


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