12/3/16 Marsalee Forrestar – Shamanic Voyage to Meet your Power Animal

Dates: 12/03/2016 Dates: 12/03/2016 Times: 13:30 - 16:30 Location: 7951 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA

Shamanic Journey – Meeting your power animal

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Dr. Marsalee Forrestar, a chiropractor since 1981, studied shamanism extensively (for over 20 years), participating in initiations/healing rituals from Siberia, South America, Nepal, Tibet, China, the Pacific Northwest, Southwestern U.S. as well as apprenticing in Celtic Shamanism. Between the time of her first NDE in 1968 and her 50th birthday in 1994, Marsalee progressed through distinct phases of dismembering and re-remembering her life. During her Shamanic training she experienced two additional NDE’s and several STE’s. Now, she guides others in their own journeys in reclaiming their Souls so they may become more power filled (powerful). She has assisted others in learning the Tradition of Shamanism in the U.S. and Europe.

Discovering IANDS in San Diego, attending meetings in various other places, meeting and speaking with others, being a speaker at other IANDS groups, going to an IANDS conference – and even a UFO conference in the desert! is what she believes has helped her to rekindle older memories (she had accepted as being just vivid imagination) and filling some other rather large gaps by acknowledging she wasn’t going crazy, which includes some of her experiences in her initiations/rituals in Shamanism. It was the remembering of her pre-birth experiences and her actual birth itself that allowed many more memories to come to the surface. Because she was “awakened” by the number of “Ah-Ha’s” IANDS has generated, she is inspired to pass on her stories in the hopes of awakening others to a their own personal memories (which may or may not include a NDE/STE).

In Dr. Forrestar’s presentation this month after a brief introduction to Shamanism, she will be speaking about the healing aspects and concept of Soul Retrieval and how it applies to NDE’s and STE’s from the shamanic perspective. For those interested she will provide another short introduction and training in the Shamanic Journey  to meet your Power Animal – a basic and fundamental teaching of Shamanism.

There will be rituals of “calling in the Spirits” at the beginning of the meeting as well as “releasing the Spirits” at its completion.

NOTE:  Dress comfortably as well as bringing warmer coverings (sweater, jacket, etc.)  You might also want to bring a blanket or beach towel if they would prefer lying on the floor to do “the journey.”  The reason for being on the floor has to do with taking as many physical distractions out of the picture as possible during “the journey” experience.


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