The Astral Plane and a Message to Humanity, by Reginald Miller, a student of Buddha, January 7, 2017

Dates: 01/07/2017 Dates: 01/07/2017 Times: 13:30 - 16:00 Location: Om Center for Spiritual Living, 7951 University Ave, La Mesa 91942

The Astral Plane and a Message to Humanity, by  Reginald Miller, a student of Buddha

Many encounters with the paranormal convinced Reg that information from the spiritual realm helps us experience peaceful and prosperous lives! Reg’s maze of bizarre experiences includes a drug-induced experience (STE) proving there are other realms beyond our 3-D world. An encounter with an ancient Pharaoh convinced Reg the Great Pyramid is more than a pile of rocks; it’s an ancient machine and it’s still humming! An encounter with a giant UFO made him realize that ETs can communicate instantaneously to anyone they want; mind to mind. It has happened more than once! Influenced by the late Earlene Channey who routinely channeled three entities including the healing Pharaoh Zoser, Reg went with Astara to Egypt to experience spiritual vortex energy power spots. A prayer at Zoser’s Step Pyramid started Reg on a long journey to heal his poisoned body. After Earlene passed, Reg discovered another source of spiritual information, Chuck Little. Chuck began channeling Yahweh in 1986. Over 100 meetings have been recorded and transcribed. From this, Reg’s first book was written, “Pyramid Truth Gateway Universe” in 1997. The first edition got an uncertain start. On the way to the publisher the government intercepted the Fed Ex package. Frantic tracing efforts went to no avail. Then mysteriously, six weeks later, the manuscript appeared at Medicine Bear Publishing Co. The book was produced in time for the 1997 International UFO Conference. Why the government kept the book is an interesting story. While studying the spiritual teachings of the American Indians, Reg had an 18-hour Kundalini experience. Parts of the experience are beyond words, but what is remembered will interest you greatly.

A new book in outline form? puts all this together. It includes a new explanation of the one-way doors of the Universe, the Great Star Cities, what’s different about the other planets and the beings that live on them, what makes us unique, what there is to learn by an examination of Sodom and Gomorrah, our place in the Universe, and the easiest method to get across the Galaxy. There are facts about great teachers including Buddha and Jesus Christ. For the practical minded there are 15 recommendations for living your life in harmony (Pyramid Truth, page 168). The book includes clues about prayer, meditation, and contemplations. Also covered,  exactly what is an energy Relationship Creature? What happens when we die and leave our bodies behind?

Hang on to your socks. This is Esoteric information.

Spiritual Bio:

I was a “good” altar boy, but I still wondered if and where heaven and hell were. Later, I spent two high school years in a Catholic Seminary and still asked the same question. There was no one there who could answer it in a precise way.

The Seminary did have a well-stocked library. There I discovered Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion. There were formulas to predict motion using mass, acceleration, and force. At 15, I was totally amazed when I calculated accurately the weight and thrust of the Russian rocket that placed Sputnik 1 into low earth orbit.    There were no good formulas for the Law of the Spirit World, but at least I could content myself with a study of the Laws of Nature and the rules that govern machines. All of that was stored in books.

I loved science so much I quit the seminary and studied math and science. I went on to graduate with a degree in Physics from the University of Detroit. It was easy to find a job with that science education.        So I wasn’t starving, but a failed marriage left me searching for the meaning of life. I searched Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, systems of Yoga, and Folk religions. There was a two-year period when I considered myself a follower of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder of the Athiest “Church.” Like her, I couldn’t see a connection or thread to heaven, or even some lower spiritual world.  What exists was right in front of my eyes.

Thinking this way, however, left me with a cold hopeless feeling; I had to find something to replace it. One day some literature appeared in the business mail. An organization called ASTARA had some intriguing articles. The Bible and especially the Catholic Church taught a twisted form of Christ’s message. Astara, school of Ancient Wisdom, taught the  “modern version” of Christianity, what Christ really taught. There was reincarnation. There was no everlasting hell. There was a spirit world, it was just so high frequency, we couldn’t see or feel it, like another radio station we knew was there, but you couldn’t hear it yet because you had to tune it in. The small church had proofs for everything they wrote about. The founders “channeled” information as to how to create your happiest reality.

Hey, what’s “ channeling?” To find out I went to see for myself. The loving feeling of the church especially during “channeling” was just wonderful. They had spiritual “healing” too.   I needed healing. Poisoned from contact with lead and mercury I was miserable. The doctors I went to couldn’t heal the chronic backaches nor the daily migraines. I had lost my job, was unemployable, and suffered light sensitivity so bad I tended to travel at night.

Astara led groups to Egypt and other healing spots. I joined the 1987 tour to Egypt and said a prayer at Zoser’s Step Pyramid, a great healing spot. This was the start of my paranormal experiences; communications with Pharaohs of past lifetimes, visits of UFOs, a Kundalini experience, and energy healings; I am now 98% healed.
Just as Earlene and Dr. Robert passed away, Chuck Little began to channel spiritual information from Yahweh. Half the information in my book is scientific and half of the information comes from the teachings of Yahweh. One thing, finally, is the connection between the spirit realm and the physical realm. I found what I was looking for!
Yahweh comes every three or four hundred years. One past name was Padmasambhava. Another was Buddha. The Sphinx (original version) was done in honor of Yahweh.

Much of the spiritual info agrees with the near-death experiences of other IANDS speakers, but right now something important is happening to our planet. We are about to travel to other planets and moons, and explore our own solar system. Next, will be the stars. What we will find out there and how we should interact with other beings of the Universe is of paramount importance for the future of mankind is at stake. Our behavior will determine whether we stay planet-bound or go exploring the far reaches of the galaxy.

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