Cancel – Psychic Debbie Griggs; Replace with Yolaine Stout, NDEr , Visionary, and NonProfit Leader on 3/4/17

Dates: 03/04/2017 Dates: 03/04/2017 Times: 13:30 - 16:00 Location: Om Center for Spiritual Living, 7951 University Ave, La Mesa 91942

We regret that Psychic Debbie Griggs is unable to speak for us in March.

Instead, Mrs. Yolaine StoutBA, CFRM , will lead us through her documentary in production that explores:

        Six Common Challenges following a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) or Near-Death Experience (NDE)

There is very little research that addresses the common needs and challenges following a spiritually- transformative experience, such as an NDE.  As part of the integration process leading to positive changes and transformations following a spiritually transformative experience, an experiencer may have one or more challenges, depending on their personal situation.  The following represents a summary of needs drawn primarily from one category of experiences:  near-death experiences.

We found that there were 6 common challenges following a STE:

·  Processing a radical shift in reality

·  Accepting the return and “homesickness”

·  Issues relating to sharing the experience

·  Integrating new spiritual values with earthly expectations

·  Adjusting to heightened sensitivities and supernatural gifts

·  A yearning to find and live one’s purpose

Mrs Stout will present the findings from the experiencers’ retreat and NDEr surveys, and also accept your questions and feedback.  For more information about ACISTE, please go to

 Yolaine Stout, founding director and first President of the American Center for the Integration of STEs, ACISTE, has served as President and Executive Director on four non-profit boards since 1990, including the International Association for Near-Death Studies or www,  In that capacity, she saw the tremendous need for a greater understanding of the integration process and support system for experiencers. She is author of “Six Major Challenges Faced by Near-Death Experiencers” published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, co-facilitated the first IANDS retreat for near-death experiencers.

Mrs. Stout has given numerous presentations and radio interviews related to near-death experiences and her own NDE, the result of a suicide attempt in 1982. Mrs. Stout has also produced an upcoming documentary called “Back to Life: Six Challenges Faced by Near-Death Experiencers.” She is an Honors graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she received her teaching credential. After retiring from a 25 year teaching career, she received her Certificate in Fundraising Management from the Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University.

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