Nov 4: Kienda Valbracht: Beyond the Near-Death Experience – All the Way to the Next Incarnation

Dates: 11/04/2017 Dates: 11/04/2017 Times: 13:30 - 16:01 Location: Om Center, 7951 University Ave., La Mesa, CA 91942

Kienda is a Spiritual Scientists who navigates the space between death and rebirth.BIO


Kienda (Betrue) Valbracht, IMA Thanatology, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a SIDS mother.  The death of her infant son, Christian Alexander, impelled her into an exploration of Death’s domain, culminating in her published book:  Lucid Death: Conscious Journeys Beyond the Threshold, (available from her web site  Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.)

Creating structure and form from the seething cauldron of inspiration, she has a number of monographs of the latest adventures in the spiritual worlds available on her web-site – as well as her blog:  Conversations with Edgar Mitchell and the Interstellar Team.

Kienda is a Spiritual Scientist, safely navigating the spiritual worlds, researching karma and reincarnation, the journey of the soul between death and rebirth, and other spiritually oriented issues.

She also facilitates individual Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions (Facilitated Spiritual Experiences) which are then metamorphosed into practical wisdom for a richer, more effective, conscious life in the present.

For information on talks and workshops blending spiritual concepts with years of practical experience – such as:


*The Journey of the Soul Between Death and Rebirth

*Reincarnation and Karma

*The Evolution of Consciousness

*The Extra-Terrestrial Issue

*The Deeds of Christ and the Redemption of Lucifer

and many others, with which to understand the human condition in the greater design of the evolution of consciousness, both individually and universally – contact Kienda at:

Beyond the NDE – All the Way to the Next Incarnation

Kienda’s own near-death experience at birth (recovered many years later) opened spiritual faculties which in the later years of her life, she has honed and used as tools for spiritual research into multiple dimensions of existence – including extensive experience beyond the threshold of death.  From the many Hypnotherapy sessions she has facilitated and her own conscious explorations, she has charted the territories between death and rebirth.  With the conceptual matrices of Western Esoteric Traditions and Tibetan Buddhism, not only the ‘what’, and ‘where’, but also ‘why’ and ‘how’ the soul journeys from lifetime to lifetime can be explained and understood.


Beyond the Near-Death Experience – All the Way to the Next Incarnation sets the theoretical stage for stories of past lives and the journey through death into the next incarnation. The stories told during the talk will illustrate changes in the after-death journey through the centuries.



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