Jane Cohen 12/2/2017 – My Spiritual Odessey

Dates: 12/02/2017 Dates: 12/02/2017 Times: 13:31 Location: Om Center for Spiritual Living, 7951 University Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942

In 1971 my spiritual odyssey began. I joined a spiritual community that turned out to be very dysfunctional and had many elements of being a cult. I stayed there for 22 years in an effort to “save my soul.” In the context of that very painful and emotionally frightening experience I “made a deal with God,” that changed my life forever. That “deal” was that if God would get me through what I was going through, I’d help others do the same. In retrospect, from that time on I had increasingly more a sense that I was meant to be a healer — until I actually became one.

That experience, plus two more life-changing (but less dramatic) experiences lead to me taking a stand on a principle that I seem to have been born to take a stand on. That principle is that life is designed to work. When I took that stand in 1995, I started tapping into a whole body of knowledge far beyond anything I had studied before and any experience I’d had.

The vision that has been coming through me since then continues to have a profound effect on my life, my ability to help others, as well as, heralding in a paradigm shift.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you,


Jane Ilene Cohen, Ph.D.

Intuitive & Transformational Counselor

NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner

(760) 753-0733


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