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IANDS Conference Belleview, WA 8/30-9/2/2018

AFTEREFFECTS OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES A Deeper Understanding and Sharing of the Gifts August 30 – September 2, 2018 2018 THEME – AFTEREFFECTS OF NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: A Deeper Understanding and Sharing of the Gifts:  People who have had an extraordinary experience in their lives often change their perspective on human relationships and may develop special abilities to […]

PMH Atwater, The NDE as a Threshold Experience, 9/6/14

Dr. Atwater proposes that NDEs are not really an anomaly of any kind, but rather, part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness.

Beverly Brodsky, 8/3/13, 1:30 – 4:00, My NDE, Connecting to the One

(In this realm) we are blessed beyond knowing and one with Spirit and all life.