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12/3/16 Marsalee Forrestar – Shamanic Voyage to Meet your Power Animal

In Dr. Forrestar’s presentation this month after a brief introduction to Shamanism, she will be speaking about the healing aspects and concept of Soul Retrieval and how it applies to NDE’s and STE’s from the shamanic perspective. For those interested she will provide another short introduction and training in the Shamanic Journey to meet your Power Animal – a basic and fundamental teaching of Shamanism.

9/3/16 Marsalee Forrestar – Reintegrating My Life through NDEs, STEs, pre-birth Memories and Shamanism

Marsalee Forrestar,D.C. has studied multicultural shamanism for over 20 years. Between the time of an NDE in 1968 and her 50th birthday in 1994, Marsalee progressed through distinct phases of dismembering and re-membering her life. During her Shamanic training she experienced two more NDE’s and several STE’s. Now, she assists others in reclaiming missing pieces of their Soul so they […]

PMH Atwater, The NDE as a Threshold Experience, 9/6/14

Dr. Atwater proposes that NDEs are not really an anomaly of any kind, but rather, part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness.

Beverly Brodsky, 8/3/13, 1:30 – 4:00, My NDE, Connecting to the One

(In this realm) we are blessed beyond knowing and one with Spirit and all life.