My journey to what I believe is our true “Home” was on July 14th, 1970, 48 years ago. I have made it a tradition to speak about it on the anniversary of my rebirth. Although I suffered a fractured skull and numerous broken bones in my head, my spiritual awakening was a true cosmic gift.  My NDE is the concluding one in Kenneth Ring’s book Lessons from the Light as the most complete one in his collection.

In my experience I was taken into the heart of the universe, beyond time, to the source of truth and love, where all our deepest prayers are answered before asking. There is another realm, so near you can almost touch it, which we inhabit even while alive, beyond time and space, where we are blessed beyond knowing and one with Spirit and all life.

Bio/CV: Beverly’s Near-Death Experience opened her heart and mind to the Infinite.  She has been profiled in eight books, numerous newspapers, magazine articles, and websites, the BBC and other documentaries, as well as Who’s Who in the World.   She is uniquely qualified to offer guidance and comfort in the areas of death and dying, the near-death experience, altered states of consciousness, spiritual transformations, the soul’s journey before birth and after death, and the reality of spirit and the spiritual realms. She has reached large audiences speaking at conferences, on television, radio and the internet, through her website:  She has led groups for nearly 30 years on both coasts for the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) ( and is a founding Board member of the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experience (

She is a Vassar graduate with honors in psychology, retired Federal computer and business analyst, near-death and other extraordinary experience researcher, Science of Mind and Spirit minister, and an acclaimed international speaker.