On Saturday,  August 4, Gary Guthrie will be our guest from 1:30 to 4:00 pm at the Om Center for Spiritual Living 7951 University Ave., La Mesa, CA.   His topic is:

My NDE and Its Reflections in World Religions

Gary Guthrie will speak about his books “The Wisdom Tree” and “Opening to the Light.”  He will briefly discuss how NDE research indicate some near-death experiencers might have been the source of scriptures of major world religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism.  Gary taught World  Religions for the University of LaVerne in the Philippines and at Singapore American Schools in the 1970’s. In the1980’s he lived and studied in Bali, at the ashram of Bede Griffiths (author of “Christ in India”) in South India, and volunteered at Kibbutz Kinnereth in Israel.  A near-death experience in 1982 led him to become a devoted student of the Sufi poet Rumi and a member of IANDS.


“Opening to the Light” was written to offer meditations from all the world faiths based on core principles shared by each faith.  The Sufi poet Rumi, regrettably, was not included among the contributing founders of the various faiths.  This presentation will hopefully rectify this oversight with a few sampling of his works.  Anyone who attends who has a favorite poet or spiritual leader they wish to quote will be most welcome.

Gary will do a book-signing after the talk.  His newer book, Opening to the Light, is available for download on Amazon as an ebook if you are interested.

San Diego IANDS meetings are free, but we request a $10 love donation to cover our expenses.