James Anthony Ellis of Legacy Productions is an award-winning playwright, producer, journalist and filmmaker, who creates videos, books and theater that bring a conscious awareness to “what’s really going on” in our relationships, community and society. An author of eight books, 20 plays and countless articles, as well as a producer of hundreds of video productions, James has presented emotional healing work as a “Breathwork” facilitator for over 25 years.

He speaks on the sacred, which leads to the healed, which leads to peace.The breathwork inner journeying allows for the cosmic consciousness of all participants to break the space/time continuum and regress them to time periods and life experiences for their highest healing. In the altered state created through the eternal life-force in the breath, death is shown to be an illusion and the reality of the luminescent soul is brought to the forefront. In this state, the true reality of soul is ever-present.

Jim will share his wealth of knowledge about the breathwork process and include stories of the amazing healings that have taken place in that sacred space.