December 1st: Barbara Lamb Who We Really Are: What I Learned From my STEs at the Om Center for Spiritual Living in La Mesa

At the Om Center for Spiritual Living, 7951 University Avenue, La Mesa 91941 from 1:30 to 4:00 pm on December 1st, we present acclaimed therapist and author Barbara Lamb.  The Om Center is near the intersection of La Mesa Blvd and University, next to the Social Security Administration’s lot, in the corner by the Kitchen store. After her talk, we will have a book-signing and then take our speaker to dinner across the street at Tamarind Thai, 7970  University Ave, next to Paris Nails. 

Ms Lamb will share about visiting her mother in the afterlife, having vivid visits from a few deceased loved ones, having several past life recalls, discovering numerous past lives through hypnotic regressions, finding ‘proof” of one past life in England, having ‘out of body’ experiences, episodes of ‘exploding with light’, experiences of merging with all beings and being part of the Oneness, dissolving into pure energy, receiving emphatic telepathic messages, and having personal encounters with extraterrestrial beings.



BIO:  BARBARA LAMB, Master of Science, MFT, CHT is a psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist living in San Diego.  Through hypnotic regression she helps people recall and understand the details of their paranormal experiences, past iives,, Extraterrestrial encounters, and finding their life’s purpose. She has personally visited and researched Crop Circles in England for 27 years. She speaks at many conferences in the US and other countries, and gives numerous interviews on the radio, television, documentary films, and Skype, including Coast To Coast AM radio and George Noory’s Beyond Belief series on Gaia, the Internet TV channel.  She has co-authored three books: Crop Circles RevealedAlien Experiences, and Meet The Hybrids.  She has received two Lifetime Achievement Awards given by major conferences:one award in the field of UFOlogy and one award in Hypnotherapy and Experiencer Support.

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