Unlocking Your Infinite Potential

JC Gordon retired from banking after his NDE (Near-Death Experience) in June 1996,  when he was nearly decapitated by a chainsaw, and he was taken to pre-time where he understood the plan that Universal Consciousness had for His Creation.  In February 2019 he released his new  business, the Grail Academy of Higher Consciousness, to the public, based on his new book, The Quest to Perfection.  Learn how you can experience the bliss that many NDErs report and transfigure your body to the ideal state you enjoyed in your youth without dying or having a traumatic experience.

JC offers the following words of advice:  “When following your heart it will only reveal what’s best for you.”  He is the Cosmic Medium (www.thecosmicmedium.com) and founder of The Grail Academy (www.thegrailacademy.com).  JC is the gatekeeper of the Universal Mind and its 100% consciousness of Infinite Intelligence.

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