Ana Christina: Her Sweet Encounter with Death; 5/4/2019

Her story will have you riveted to your seat…

“Then I felt his body leaning over mine and his fingers holding my nostrils shut. I could not breathe. My teeth were clenched. His fingers remained sealing my nose when suddenly my mouth and jaw opened up and I gasped for air. Startled, he released his grip on my nose and left the room, leaving me paralyzed, naked, and curled up on the floor.”


My Sweet Encounter with DEATH recounts the story of Ana Christina’s Near Death Experience where she was left for dead at the hands of her perpetrator.   She takes us on a moving journey of love, heartache, and betrayal but most of all the greatest love a father can have for a daughter.  Nearly a decade later, Ana steps forward in courage, captivating her audiences, as she shares her traumatic experience to help others.  Ana has been inspiring people across the nation with her amazing story and her ability to forgive and see her encounter as a blessing in disguise.  Her story is unique because she doesn’t just share what took place after she suffocated rather her step by step encounter while the spirit of death was upon her and up until she took her last breath of air.   The peace and love she experienced resonate and comforts family members and friends grieving over a loss of a loved one to a horrific set of circumstances.

Ana is a CGA (Certified General Accountant) from Canada where she grew up and became a Director at the young age of 23.  She has been a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of several corporations throughout her professional career.  She has been applying her extensive executive and financial experience to help nurture non-profit organizations who tend to the vulnerable and less fortunate.


  1. Tom Mageto
    August 8, 2020

    I truely love your book,,,,it’s really inspiring,,,,,whish to see you face to face,,,am from Kenya,,,eldoret,,,i found your book from a pastor of a Worem church,,,coragulation,,,,,you changed me,,,God bless you,,,Let none of us die before seeing each other,,,you are my mentor,,,be bleesed

  2. bevbrodsky
    August 29, 2020

    I’m so glad you found me book and it changed you. Do you ever come to the US? I would love to meet you.

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