November 2, Beverly Brodsky, My Journey to Creation’s Core and Back

Around July 14 1970 Beverly, an agnostic, had a near-death experience in which she was taken into the heart of the universe, beyond time, to the source of truth and love, where all our deepest prayers are answered before asking. There is another realm, so near you can almost touch it, which we inhabit even while alive, beyond time and space, where we are blessed beyond knowing and one with Spirit and all life.  



  1. Russell Robert Hendrickson
    November 2, 2019

    Hi Beverly,

    My back is strained from last Sunday night when I stayed up all night throwing out stuff and cleaning my apartment because I thought I was going to have to surrender possession of it the next day. I’m not in pain and I can still buy groceries, but I’m staying seated as much as possible. I’ve also been catching up on my sleep and nutrition. It was 60 days of stress, but I emerged VICTORIOUS! And I want to thank you for whatever you did in the way of asking a higher power for help. I’m SURE it helped. I asked also. I am going to stay in touch with you.

    The thing I always want to ask people who’ve had an NDE is: if you no longer fear death, then why do you stay here? You could just stop eating, and then you’d die. I guess it’s because it was communicated to them during the NDE that they’re here for a reason, there’s something they have to do or are supposed to learn, so it’s not time to leave yet. And if they did try to leave, they’d be sent back again. Am I accurate?

    • bevbrodsky
      December 1, 2019

      Dear Russell:

      I’m so sorry you’ve had such trials with your health.

      The reason I stay here is because I have an important mission, to hold the light, and share it with others. When I go back, I want to return to that glorious place of unconditional love! I believe it’s waiting for all of us.

      May God bless and keep you.
      Love and light,


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