Life is bigger and more beautiful than we imagine. More fascinating, too. The current mainstream view of reality that we see on the TV and even in most movies, is of a world where we must struggle to survive. What if there was a magical component to life, right at the edge of our awareness?

Most of  us were raised to treat death as a gloomy and morbid matter. And, we are raised to out-compete the other students, to become to the top our classes, and #1 on the sports field. For pride and fun, sure; but underneath, for a sense of scarcity: there are a limited number of jobs, success, and abundance in the world, and we’d better make sure not to be one of the unlucky ones that falls behind.

Life becomes about competition, and mostly not the friendly kind. You see how most people live in this fear. This stress and anxiety. Homelessness could be a missed paycheck or two away. A large fraction of society on anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications.

Near death experiencer (NDEr) Anita Moorjani talks about this fear. And that she learned in her NDE that life is meant to be lived with joy and self-empowerment. This all comes from remembering and becoming aware of the world of Spirit all around us. We don’t die; NDErs show us this. Mediums communicate accurate and very touching and deep messages from our loved ones in Spirit. We are spiritual beings in these temporary human bodies. And we are meant to shine in love and cooperation.

I feel that the world needs to awaken to and remember this fact more than anything right now: Spirit is real, and knowing this changes everything. Yes, we are still living in this world, but moreso “not of it,” as the wisdom goes. Life is really not about scarcity and fearful competition. We are all one, and near death experiencers learn this firsthand. Spirit is real, and we can and ideally should apply this and live it. For the happiest and most fulfilling time on Earth.


Ned Matinnia is a seeker who, from a young age, longed to know why things are they way they are. How things work. Is there a purpose or reason for life, beyond just existing? He has studied the world’s major religions, but he really found the answers he was looking for when he discovered near death experiences. Mediums too.

As a former atheistically-leaning agnostic in his teenage years, and a lover of science, it was natural that he would be led to think that there is no purpose for life, and that we are purely and evolutionary random accident.

What near-death experiences and mediums, and other healers, have shown him is that there definitely is a reason for being here on Earth, and that we chose to come here. We signed our soul contracts. Often with wide latitude in certain areas, but contracts nonetheless.

The learning, wisdom, and awakening that real spiritual experiences give humanity is one of his deepest passions. He is a budding medium himself, with a day job in computers; another one of his major interests.

His Facebook group Near Death Experiences (Return from Death), has 40,000 members.. He has worked on the IANDS Board and helped with several recent IANDS conferences.