Can We Talk With the Dead? September 5, 2020 Virtual Meeting with Colette Dupont

Colette Dupont is an Energy Healer who combines Pranic Healing and Shamanic techniques in her treatments. She also communicates with Spirit through EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and posts the transcriptions and audible recordings on her website, Colette heard voices, received messages and knew things that were going to happen from an early age. She…


Colette Dupont Online: 9/5/20 1:30 PM

Electronic Voice Phenomena- Can We Really Speak to Other Worlds? Presentation at San Diego IANDS Monthly Meeting September 5, 2020 at 1:30 pm pacific time By Colette Dupont Hear the history of Electronic Voice Phenomena and the amazing things that are going on today in the field of communication with other worlds. Much information has…


Spirit is Real! Ned Matinnia – 3/7/20

Life is bigger and more beautiful than we imagine. More fascinating, too. The current mainstream view of reality that we see on the TV and even in most movies, is of a world where we must struggle to survive. What if there was a magical component to life, right at the edge of our awareness?…


Nelson Abreu, “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Experiences”

Nelson Abreu, BSEE, PE is a Portuguese-American electrical engineer, innovation expert and consciousness author, educator and technologist based in Los Angeles. He lectures at the International Academy of Consciousness and is a member of the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) consortium. He has contributed to several books and publications, the latest of which is Ordinary People,…


New Video from IANDS: Understanding Veterans’ Near-Death Experiences – a Gap in Care

The new video DVD, Understanding Veterans’ Near-Death Experiences, is NOW ON SALE on the IANDS website (($24.95 IANDS members, $29.95 non-members). Service members who have had an NDE should be assisted by medical personnel or chaplains trained to deal with those who have experienced NDEs* Helps relieve Veterans’ anxieties Injured soldiers having had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) awaken in the…

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